640-911 dumps Insider Selling : Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) insiders have most recently took part in a trading activity. On 4/11/2016 Berg Jeffrey, Director sold 10,400 shares having total worth of $424,320 at the price of $40.80 per share, following the transaction a total of 116,893 shares owned by Berg Jeffrey.

In a separate transaction,cisco 640-911 640-911 dumps pdf EVP, Systems, Fowler John F sold 14,971 shares of the stock on 3/31/2016. The stock was sold at an average price of $40.92, for a total value of $612,613. Following the transaction a total of 5,016 shares owned by EVP, Systems, Fowler John F.

Also CEO, Catz Safra sold 4,000,000 shares of the stock in another transaction that occurred 3/28/2016. The stock was sold at an average price of $40.66, for a total value of $162,658,400. Following the transaction a total of 312,424 shares owned by CEO, Catz Safra 640-911.


640-911 dumps Furthermore, President-product Development, Kurian Thomas sold 200,000 shares of the stock in a reserved transaction that occurred on 3/22/2016. The stock was sold at an average price of $41.60, for a total value of $8,320,780. Following the transaction a total of 33,533 shares owned by President-product Development, Kurian Thomas.

Currently the company’s shares owned by insiders are 26.90%, whereas shares owned by institutional owners are 61.30%. However the six-month change in the insider ownership was recorded -0.06%, as well as three-month change in the institutional ownership was recorded -0.18%.

The stock is trading -7.82% away from its 52 week high of $44.54 and +24.40% far from the stock’s low point over the past 52 weeks, which was $33.01. The company’s trailing twelve month income is 8.84 billion dollars and is paying 1.46% dividend yield annually.

Moreover, EVP, Gen’l Counsel, Secretary, Daley Dorian carried out a sale of 47,500 shares at $41.53 each on March 22, 2016. The transaction amounted to $1,972,737. President-Product Development, Kurian Thomas disposed of 200,000 shares for $8,320,780 through one transaction March 22, 2016. The transaction occurred at a price of $41.6 per share and had brought this insider’s stake in the company to 33,533.

The stock has experienced a total of 10 insider trades in the past three months. These trades include 10 sell activities and 0 buy trades. Furthermore, over the past 12 months, the stock was traded 33 times by insiders. In 33 of these trades, the insider was a seller while an employee of the company was the buyer in just 0 instances.

Shares of Oracle Corporation (ORCL) traded down -0.44% in last trading session to close the session at $41.06. With an average trading volume of 15.30M shares, the number of shares traded in the most recent session was 9.88M shares. The stock showed the current year performance of 13.28 and is 8.72 down versus its 200 day moving average.

Notice that ORCL’s lowest 640-911 dumps free 640-911 dumps cisco 640-911 dumps hit in its 52 week range was $33.13 per share and it touched a 52-week high of $45.24 in intra-day trade. The lowest price is about 24.4% higher than the current price which is -7.82% off the 52-week best level. In previous five trades, the stock gained 1.58% and is up -0.64% for the month. Its most recent price was grew 0.75% as compared to the average trading price of 20 days while enlarging the period to 50 trading days, the distance is 6.2%.